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Moved to a new server

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We moved the whole site to a brand new server. This should improve the overall performance of the website and should reduce downtimes.

URL structure change

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We switched to subdomain based language selection. This means that all urls are now available on different subdomains [hu,ro,de] and it is easier to bookmark a particular page in any language. The main www site is in english and all other languages have their own subdomain.

Huge server load

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Yesterday we experienced a huge load on this site, caused by the sudden increase of pageloads and visitors in the past days. Our site was unusable for a couple of hours last night.

Thanks to our hosting company, everything is back online now. A couple of database optimizations were made, to make pageloads faster.


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We have found a couple of bugs in the calendar, and also in some of the URLs, that made some competitions unreachable. These bugs were fixed.

Development of v2.0 began

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We started developing the new version, completely rewriting the site engine. Proposals for this release:

  • new engine and design
  • more competitions
  • accurate data and statistics (tons of bugfixes)
  • AJAX where needed, for faster loads
  • better timezone support
  • a good, accessible and comprehensive help system
  • better search system